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CC-30_withVidiProbeVidiProbe™ transforms the traditional optical comparator into a fully automatic video inspection system using Measure-X® 2D software. An internal video camera is positioned to view the image formed by the comparator optics, allowing the image to be digitally analyzed and measured instantly.

  • Internally mounted QVI megapixel, digital video camera – protected from harsh environments
  • Measure-X 2D Measurement Software
  • Full CNC Automation of the measurement process
  • High magnification imaging and measurement
  • Field of View Measurements – take multiple points at once with automatic edge detection tools
  • High intensity surface reflection lights – even at very high magnifications
  • Improved performance – Automated measurements are repeatable from operator to operator
  • Provides a low cost entry into video measurement technology

Download the VidiProbe datasheet for detailed information.



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