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TruLight® LED Illumination

TruLight LogoExclusive TruLight® LED illumination has transformed CCP optical comparators into modern, high-tech measuring systems. High brightness LEDs offer low power consumption, cool operation, indefinite lifetime and continuously variable intensity control – all for very bright, crisp imaging.


Three bright all-LED illuminators are available:
Coaxial-surface-lightTruLight Profile LightTruLight Ring Light
Coaxial Surface Light
Through-the-lens coaxial surface light provides white, brightfield illumination across the entire field of view, fully illuminating part surfaces.
Profile Light
Monochromatic green light provides maximum screen brightness with minimal glare, preventing eye strain.
Oblique Surface Light
Oblique dark field ring light provides six selectable patterns allowing you to highlight surface details for maximum image clarity and change light direction to match surface geometry.

Coaxial Surface Lightc-vision benchtop and floor modelsCC-14CC-16, and CC-20
Profile LightCC-14LCC-14CC-16LCC-16CC-20, and c-vision benchtop and floor models 
Oblique Surface LightCC-16L and c-vision benchtop and floor modelsCC-14LCC-14, and CC-16

Energy Consumption Comparison

IlluminatorLEDTungsten HalogenMercury Arc
Coaxial Surface Light81 W300 W200 W
Profile Light49 W100 W200 W
Oblique Surface Light48 W
Total178 W400 W400 W

NOTE: LED illuminators are never used at full intensity, so actual power consumption will be less than what is listed in the LED column. Tungsten halogen and mercury arc values are typical rated values.

The ringlight wattage is a function of the selected lighting pattern. For example, a pattern in which 4 LEDs are lit will consume 1/2 the wattage listed in the table.

Many users turn on traditional lamps and leave them running because they require warm up and their useful lifetimes are decreased with temperature cycling. LEDs do not require warm up and do not suffer from temperature cycling. LEDs can (and should) be turned on and off as needed.

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