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CCP Fixtures

CCP Charts and Fixtures CatalogCCP offers a range of fixtures that allow you to easily stage every part you inspect on your optical comparator or profile projector.

  • Modular fixture kit
  • Staging centers
  • V-blocks
  • Rotary staging vise

Fixture on CC-14L  Fixture on CC-14L


Modular Fixture Kit

Modular Fixture KitThe modular fixture system for optical comparators is the first of its kind. The kit is very functional, allowing a great variety of part staging fixtures like veeblocks, vises, and centers. It also allows you to create an infinite variety of fixtures to stage parts that are not easily held by traditional fixtures. And it is economical—less expensive than multiple custom made fixtures.

  • T-slot system offers multi-axis infinite adjustment of part-locating components
  • 16.5" x 5.25" fixture base with 5 t-slots (benchtop systems) and 28.5" x 7" fixture base with 7 t-slots (floor model systems)
  • Laser engraved reference scales
  • Laser engraved 6" vertical risers with 6 t-slots
  • "Near zero force" self-wedging clamps
  • Sliding locators for variety of configurations
  • Sliding corner locators with ridges
  • Jackstand, spherical fixture pins, and conical locators included
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel kit components for corrosion free use
  • Optional magnetic locators and swivel-heads available
  • Optional rotary vise stage

Optional Rotary Vise for Modular Fixture Kit

Optional Rotary ViseThe optional rotary vise base provides a laser-engraved rotary scale with 1° increments. The rotary vise quickly slides into the rotary stage and easily mounts to the fixture base for a full 360° rotation. Get different diameter parts centered for a true rotation.

Download the Modular Fixture Kit datasheet or Modular Fixture Kit Instructions for more information.

CTP Part Flashlight  Plastic Pump Cover T-Blade

Staging Centers

Staging CentersStaging centers are available in two sizes. The 5" staging center pair holds parts up to 5" (125 mm) in diameter on carbide tipped centers. The right hand center is spring loaded and retractable to permit easy loading of parts. A thumbscrew clamps each center to any of the fixturing slots on the worktable.

Staging CentersThe heavy duty 8" staging center pair accepts parts up to 8" (200 mm) in diameter, and both right and left centers are adjustable for locating the workpiece. Double clamps on each center assure positive locking to the worktable.


V-BlocksV-blocks are available in three sizes: 1", 2", and 3". 1" v-blocks stage parts from 3/32" to 1" (2 to 25 mm) in diameter. 2" v-blocks stage parts from 7/32" to 2" (5 to 50 mm) in diameter. 3" v-blocks stage parts from 1/2" to 3" (12 to 75 mm) in diameter.

Rotary Staging Vise

Rotary Staging ViseThe rotary staging vise provides quick, convenient staging for a variety of parts. The vise rotates 360° and includes a protractor ring with 5° graduations. Jaws open to 1 3/8" (35 mm).


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