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Q-CheckQ-Check Digital Readout

The Q-Check digital measurement controller by QVI provides full geometric measurement capability with a convenient and simple user control panel.

The Q-Check offers dual backlit, 2-line LCD displays and durable construction that will survive in almost any shop environment. Its full geometric processing power makes quick work of tough measurements.

Q-Check can measure angles, radii, diameters, widths, intersections and included angles, distances, roundness, and straightness. The shop hardened keypad allows selection of Cartesian or polar coordinates, inch or metric units, and absolute or incremental modes. X,Y zero and skew alignment, and recall of previous measurement data are all provided.

Q-Check supports Projectron™ automatic gray-scale edge detection and VidiProbe™ video measurement systems and interfaces with the eCAD® virtual chart gage system.

Download the Digital Readouts datasheet for detailed information.

Q-Touch Digital Readout

Q-Touch DRO

The QVI Q-Touch Digital Readout is an advanced color graphics touchscreen controller offering multi-function geometric measurements and constructions. Q-Touch is compact and offers a bright, easily readable display in all light conditions.

Q-Touch is standard on CCP's CC-14L and CC-16L models.

Quadra-Chek Digital Readouts

Quadra-Chek LogoQuadra-Chek digital readout systems offer full geometric measuring capabilities that Certified Comparator Products can use to update your existing measuring machine with modern capabilities when a new system is not in your budget.

Quadra-ChekCCP has a metrology upgrade package for virtually any optical comparator, profile projector, toolmaker's microscope, or 2-axis measuring machine. We specialize in retrofitting any measuring machine or machine tool with these computers, coupled with Acu-Rite encoders, to give you the edge you need in quality.

Quadra-Chek Screen


QC-100Quadra-Chek 100 Geometric Readout
The QC-100 is a flexible, compact precision digital readout. Ideal for displaying linear and angular dimensions. Capable of absolute/incremental measuring. Digital Protractor axis reads out in angular coordinates. Readout is equipped with RS232 port for communication to a PC, printers can be setup via the USB Port. An optional foot switch for entering points is available.

Download the QC-100 fact sheet.


QC-200Quadra-Chek 200 Geometric Readout
Includes all of the features listed above of the Quadra-Chek 100. The QC-200 is a timesaving digital readout with an intuitive user interface and patented Measure Magic technology. It is ideal for measuring 2-D features such as diameters, radius, angle, lines and point features. Part skewing makes setting up quick and easy.

Programs can be recorded to speed up the measurement of multiple parts.

Includes graphical display of measurement results.

QC-200 Screen 1 QC-200 Screen 2 QC-200 Screen 3

Download the QC-200 fact sheet.


QC-300Quadra-Chek 300 Geometric Readout
The QC-300 is an advanced digital readout with an enhanced, color touch-screen interface. Includes all of the features of the Quadra-Chek 100 and 200.

Fully Programmable CNC operation (when unit equipped with motors and EdgeScan™).

QC-300 Screen 1Results view: Display feature measurement results, fit type and graphic representations of measurement data clouds with errors. This graphic view of measurement results reinforces operator comprehension of measured features and makes it easy to visualize complex data sets.


QC-300 Screen 2Tolerance display: Apply tolerances to position, size, form, orientation and other part parameters quickly and easily. Translate data intensive reports into visual displays that are readable at a glance. Prepare tolerance reports for printing.


Download the QC-300 fact sheet.


QC-WedgeQC-Wedge software communicates between your Quadra-Chek digital readout and your Microsoft Windows®-based PC. Measurement data is sent from your digital readout over an RS-232 serial connection to a Microsoft Excel file on your PC. The data can then be edited, saved on your PC or printed. The QC-Wedge package includes the RS-232 serial communication cable required for use with Quadra-Chek digital readouts.

Software Features

  • Automatic communication setup
  • Automatic Microsoft Excel file generation
  • Automatic language selection: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
  • Time and date stamped data
  • Electronic files or printed reports of measurement data

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or later

Download the QC-Wedge fact sheet.

DRO CapabilitiesQVI Q-CheckQC-100QC-200QC-300
Displays in inches and mm;
Digital Protractor display
Remote Footswitch SupportSSSS
Printer SupportSSSS
RS-232 Data OutputSSSS
Measurement Of 2D FeaturesSN/ASS
Edge DetectionON/AOS
Graphical DisplayN/AN/ASS
Programming Of Features And PartsN/AN/ASS
(Including Tolerance Results)
Alpha-Numeric KeypadN/AN/AN/AS
On-Screen Measurement InstructionsN/AN/AN/AS
Automatic Circle ScanN/AN/AN/AO

S - Standard
O - Optional
N/A - Not Available


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