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Quality Vision International
CCP - New Comparator Manufacturing & Technology Facility

850 Hudson Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone: 585-758-1300
Fax: 585-506-4307

Quality Vision International
CCP - Pre-Owned Machines & Training Center

1174 Grange Hall Road
Beavercreek, OH 45430
Phone: 937-426-9677
Fax: 937-426-4816

Optional Accessories for Every Measurement

CCP c-vision Ring LightRing Light – 8-sector, all-LED TruLight® ring light provides oblique lighting to pick up surface detailCCP c-vision Extended TravelExtended Travel – travel can be extended up to 18 inches on both c-vision models
CCP c-vision Dual MonitorDual Monitor – add a second 21 inch flat screen display for a dual monitor interface using Measure-X® 2D or optional add on softwareCCP c-vision Stands and WorkstationsStands and Workstations – choose between a standard workbench or a motorized, ergonomic adjustable height stand for the benchtop c-vision
CCP c-vision Standard FixturingStandard Fixturing – choose from a range of centers, veeblocks, rotary fixtures and clampsCCP c-vision Optional SoftwareOptional Software – MeasureFit®, SmartReport®, SmartTree, CAD Navigator and Measure-X® offline

*Optional SmartTree shown
CCP c-vision Optional Rotary StagesOptional rotary stages – automatically bring features of interest into viewCCP c-vision Overhead CurtainsOverhead curtains – block overhead lighting that can influence part measurements

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CCP systems are manufactured by Quality Vision International in Rochester, New York.