See comparators in a new light
See comparators in a new light

Get the world's first all-LED TruLight® illumination with variable intensity from CCP – a truly innovative technology for optical comparators.

TruLight LEDs are extremely bright, and provide consistent performance. They will last the lifetime of the optical comparator, while consuming only a fraction of the energy required for tungsten illumination.

Never replace a lamp again!


Three bright all-LED illuminators are available:

TruLight controls
LED Surface Light 1

The white LED TTL coaxial surface light provides a white brightfield to fully illuminate the image. Standard on the CC-V. Available on the CC-14, CC-16, and CC-20.

LED Profile Light 2

A high-brightness monochromatic green LED profile light that provides variable intensity. Standard on the CC-14L, CC-14, CC-16L, CC-16, CC-20, and CC-V.

LED Ringlight 3

The Oblique (Dark Field), Ringlight provides 8 white LEDs and 6 switch-selectable patterns with continuously variable intensity. Get the most effective directional lighting from your benchtop optical comparator. Standard on the CC-14L and CC-16L. Available on the CC-14, CC-16, and CC-V.

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Energy Consumption Comparison

Illuminator LED Tungsten Halogen Mercury Arc
White Coaxial Surface Light 81 W 300 W 200 W
Green Backlight 49 W 100 W 200 W
White Ringlight 48 W
Total 178 W 400 W 400 W

NOTE: LED illuminators are never used at full intensity, so actual power consumption will be less than what is listed in the LED column. Tungsten halogen and mercury arc values are typical rated values.

The ringlight wattage is a function of the selected lighting pattern. For example, a pattern in which 4 LEDs are lit will consume 1/2 the wattage listed in the table.

Many users turn on traditional lamps and leave them running because they require warm up and their useful lifetimes are decreased with temperature cycling. LEDs do not require warm up and do not suffer from temperature cycling. LEDs can (and should) be turned on and off as needed.